Lights on, for my first blog post!!!


So, I’m certainly new to the blogging scene, and certainly not the first. But I think I’ve got an interesting road ahead of me 😉

I suppose it makes sense to list out the sorts of things I’ll likely be orienting this blog around!

Basically… I tinker with anything that’s tinkerable with.

I build, repair, diagnose and setup pretty much any device you can think of. Be it phones, tablets, laptops, gaming computers, rack-mount servers, you name it I’ll probably figure it out! 🙂

I also happen to be an avid PC gamer. From shoot ’em up to solitaire I do love to game! None of this 1080p nonsense though, I instead went with a great Dell 25″ 2560×1440 affair which looks incredible and provides a load more real-estate than 1080p (once you disable Windows’ horrendous UI scaling that is) 2k certainly does tax the GTX 780 however, I might stick around for the GTX 1080ti – that would certainly be pcmr worthy 😀

I tend to love the latest and greatest in technology, which isn’t helpful when recommending a smartphone to your Granddad, haha. But I’m glad I follow the tech industry, it’s where the present is and where the future’s heading, I’m not generally a “jump on the bandwagon” kinda guy, but technology is unavoidable in this day and age so I’d much rather be keeping ahead of the curve instead of trying to play catch up after realising  tech really is important.

I’m glad that I’ve finally gotten myself a blog! I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and have finally gotten around to puling the trigger. Although in the future… I’d truly love to have my own webserver setup, with a custom domain, all nice and tucked away in a DC somewhere… I live in the real world, where I can’t justify spending money on rack-space, can’t get the domain name I’m set on and don’t have enough of a reader-base to justify the cost of all these lovely things 🙂 So in the meantime, Wordpress is certainly the way to go – it’s free for starters 😉 Setup took 30 seconds and the interface is incredibly straight forward!

So, if any of this tangent-y initial post has peeked your interests, similar posts are in the works! I’m really looking forward to seeing where this goes 🙂

– For now, Marcus, signing off.


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