Moving on to Plan B. aka Plan Blog!


Contrary to the featured image, I’m certainly not a hipster with my Mac, chilling in Starbucks, sapping their free WiFi and writing all day! Which would be lovely… If I liked coffee that is. 😉

So instead, I’ll be fitting this in on lunch breaks, after a long hard day at the office, over weekends and any time that crops up in between. My short to medium term goal is to have written enough that I build up a ‘buffer’ of content, so I don’t need to rush around creating a half-ass’d job of a post!

As for now however, you may or may not be excited to hear! That I have several ideas in the pipeline. Which will be revealed at a later date AWW who am I kidding, that’s pointless 😉 I’ve got 4 topics so far, I just need to… well… write them!

  • Moving Plex between 2 OS’s (This is a good one, the Plex documentation is poor for this topic)
  • My review of unRAID!
  • Thoughts on the Nexus … Pixel & Pixel XL
  • A couple of Sony product reviews

And that’s all I’ll share for now, I can’t reveal all of my ideas at once can I!


-Marcus, signing off.



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