Google Allo… Well I think it’s great!

Allo is a brand new app, it’s not even hit the Play Store yet, I grabbed my copy from and it’s working great. Installed nice and quickly on my Nexus 6P (Running Android 7.0) and thankfully allowed me to activate Allo in an instant!

Google Allo, if you don’t know, is a messaging app. It’s almost a Google Whatsapp but it’s also not. The folks over at Google have tightly integrated “Google Assistant” into Allo, which is as close to AI as I’ve ever been 🙂

So there are 2 incredibly advanced products bundled into 1 neat and tidy app here. Some of the main features you ask?

  • Google Assistant integration
  • Group chats
  • End-to-end encryption
    • Incognito chats
  • Stickers, many.
  • Google Assistant, oh did I say that already? 😉
  • Message formatting*
  • (Probably some more things tucked away)

So it’s pretty jam packed with features, one of the best is of course Google Assistant. But I also greatly appreciate the way images and videos are formatted when sending messages to others. Unlike Whatsapp, images are BIG, you can still open them full-screen. They just don’t look rubbish like they do on other messaging services. Another great part of Allo, is that it operates over WiFi!! – Which, when you’re in a cellular deadzone, comes in extremely useful!

You’re still able to do all of the basics too though, don’t worry. There’s camera support, the full range of emojis, location sending, etc.

Google Assistant!

Google assistant is pretty incredible 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, it’s not there yet, but it’s certainly got an incredibly talented team working on it over at Google! There are niggles here and there with Allo but they’ll all be worked out before long.

Point of note, Google Assistant is still showing up as a "Preview Edition"

You can ask it boring things, similar to Google Now, such as the whether the weather will be nice, how tall certain people and buildings are, etc… But you can have pretty realistic conversations with it! It will laugh at some jokes (I’ve found there are only 4 ‘configured’ responses though) it will tell jokes. It doesn’t seem to have a Gender either, unlike Google Maps which is quite clearly a female voice. As it only types words on a screen and doesn’t have an audible voice, yet, it’ll just be “all-inclusive” as it tells me.

Allo uses emojis quite well too! Which was a nice surprise, it associates things with each other extremely well. It’s very contextually aware too which is crazy, almost scary? but incredible! As you may know, Google Now’s been contextually aware for some time now. But ‘chatting’ to Allo all day has been full of fantastic responses, and some less so.

I asked him, her, it? :

Me: Do you like snow?
Allo: It's pretty ❄️
Me: Can you hear?
Allo: I can hear the music, it's always a good time to go to a concert.
... 4 messages later ...
Me: Which state is best?
Allo: From the web (Lists the best US States for snow!)

I was expecting a funny answer about chemical states, gas, liquid or solid. But it ‘remembered’ snow and gave me results about snow! I find that awesome.

I can’t wait to see what else Google Assistant brings with it on Oct. 4th!! (The announcement event for the new Pixel and Pixel XL, as well as potentially a new ChromeCast 🙂 )






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