Fantom Wallet!


It’s been quite some time hasn’t it? But I’m back!

Plenty has happened, it seems I’ve just been too busy to write about it all. Skiing trip in France (thankfully no broken appendages on that trip!!), lots of work, busy social life (for once)  and a bit of new tech here and there. I’ve missed writing but then there’s no need to overdo it with boring topics!

But I didn’t come here to reflect on what I’ve not shared, I’m here to introduce everyone to Fantom. Wallets aren’t generally considered ‘techie’ and this is no exception… But it sparked my interest after catching site of it on an Unbox Therapy YouTube video. Wallets in 2016/17 have taken off for reasons I can’t quite comprehend, there’s been a sudden flurry of modern, good looking wallets on the likes of Kickstarter & Indigogo. Some have failed, others made it, I can’t wait for Fantom to make it!

So what could possibly be sooo exciting about a wallet you ask? Well; if RFID blocking, thin & light, yet strong, stylish functional wallets don’t sound intriguing, then I don’t know how I can persuade you – I’ll certainly try though. Wallets are boring, they sit in a pocket or a bag 90% of the time, only revealing themselves once you need to buy something – And even that won’t be true forever… Not with the advent of mobile NFC payments (i.e. Android Pay / Apple Pay). But in the mean time, a wallet is essential to safely and securely house all of your debit cards, loyalty cards, gift vouchers, etc. So why not do that in style? Every cashier has seen a plain leather wallet with a standard looking collection of cards & cash. But why not shake it up a little, throw a slim carbon fibre wallet out of your pocket with a hot coral Monzo card and people are going to look twice!

It’s a conversation starter, it separates you from the pack and looks the part. I generally don’t take part in crowd-funded projects, there’s risk involved, there’s immensely long lead times with the chance that the project might fail after you’ve already contributed. But I have made a rare exception on this occasion (I haven’t backed many projects) I was sold on Keplero (A rival wallet company on Indigogo) I didn’t end up backing that and boy am I relieved! That project crashed and burned with plenty of sad customers… Back to Fantom though, I would love to wait and buy one on Amazon but that won’t necessarily happen, there’s a current ETA of December 2017 for my ‘reward’ which is a while but hopefully worth the wait.

I’ll share a link to Fantom, I urge you to check them out 🙂 The style isn’t for everyone, granted. A leather wallet is much more traditional – but who say’s that we can’t shake tradition up? There’s normally no need to fix what isn’t broken – where’s the fun in that though? Fantom is an exciting new wallet, stylish, modern & RFID safe. I can’t wait to get one in my hands.

Comment below with your thoughts on Fantom! 🙂


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