Monzo’s Donation Link


Yet another long hiatus, sorry about that! 🙈

I’m back and I intend to be more active going forward 🙌 Let’s get to it, shall we?

Monzo recently posted about a handy donation link which would allow content creators to get paid from their work – similar to a PayPal donation link. I have written, and will continue to write, for free on WordPress as it’s something I find interesting, enjoyable and relaxing but I definitely wanted to give this new Monzo feature a go! (As I do with nearly every Monzo feature I can get my hands on) You can read more about this new idea here.

So at the bottom of this post you will see a nearly perfect widget with the Monzo branding on the side. This is the first iteration of the embedded widget but it’s fully customisable – you can read more about the initial release here.

I was super excited to give it a go so I rushed to WordPress and attempted to add a widget, I messed with the formatting for a few seconds but couldn’t get the layout quite right for my WordPress sidebar (I’ll have a proper play when I’ve got more time and a proper text editor handy). But sadly WordPress disallow button tags on their free sites 😔 the simple solution is to pay for it (as far as I can tell) but I don’t feel that it would be beneficial to pay for a side-hobby at this stage so I shan’t do that.

There is a work around however, the majority of the HTML can be embedded into a post – such as this one – and instead of using a button for “Donate now” I can just switch it to a, much uglier, hyperlink. Is it perfect? No. It does work though so I’m a happy bunny.

Will it ever get used? Perhaps, perhaps not… I don’t want any reader to feel obliged to donate for the content I produce but I’d certainly be thrilled if people did want to donate 😊

The tech behind Monzo’s donation ‘stack’ is quite simple – It hops onto the existing “” infrastructure, meaning a lovely, fast and free way to pay Monzo users with just the click of a button (if you’re using Google / Apple Pay) – otherwise it’s just card details as if you were paying for something on Amazon 👌

I’ll be interested to see how Monzo’s little project grows going forward, I’m eager to see things such as Pots integration – i.e. all income from donation links moving straight into a pot. And little insights into traffic on a month-by-month basis; showing off clicks + payments along with clicks + non-payments would be an awesome thing to distinguish.

But that’s all in the future, for now we have a lovely little banner (down below) and a super secure & quick way to get paid for content that you’re creating. I can’t wait to see Monzo donation links scattered across sites, blogs and more! ❤

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