Let’s see how this blog goes!

I’m Marcus, an avid user of technology, I work in IT  – Currently the, albeit self assigned roll, of ‘Hardware Director’ at ApplianSys. Which is incredibly fitting if I do say so myself 🙂

I love technology and have gotten this far by just being logical and for the most part figuring things out for myself – though I can’t lie, Google has certainly come in extremely helpful over the last several years!!

Primarily, I’m a Windows & Android user. But I end up helping out with enough devices that I’ve ended up learning my way around Windows phone, iOS (eww), MacOS & Linux! In the past year or so I’ve certainly become a heck of a lot more comfortable under a Linux environment – Working with it on a daily basis is in no small part the cause of this. But now I’ve got ubuntu running on a laptop, slackware running on servers, unRAID on a NAS, and countless VMs for messing with! So I’m sure in time, I’ll be at least 60/40 with Windows and Linux knowledge 😀


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